Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's not too often you get a picture with a newborn's eyes wide open. He's playing with Aunt Lyndee.
Of course I can't have a perfectly healthy baby... that would just be too easy. This is Jax under the bili lights because he was a little jaundice. I love that he looks like spider man with the mask over his eyes.
The girls were so excited to come to the hospital and bring their baby brother home. As you can see from my pose, I am still in recovery mode. I don't know what I would have done without my mom and Bill here to help me. The C-section recovery may be longer because it's a surgery, but this recovery was way more intense even though I heal faster.
This is what Jaxon looked like when we got home. It's just funny because his face is under the hat, not the blanket. His head is so little that the hat fell down on the way home. Still a cute little outfit though!
I don't know what happened. I put an order into heaven for a nice, plump, chunky baby and instead I get another skinny runt. That outfit that is swallowing him whole is a newborn. We never stop laughing at the toothpicks that stick out of his diaper.
Aside from the tongue sticking out, it's his AWESOME hair that we love after a good nap! And check out all the blonde fuzz. He is a little blonde monkey. That fuzz is all over. I LOVE IT!
Love, Love, Love this picture. I'm not sure who looks cuter. I guess I'll keep them both!
I love how Jaxon looks like he is a little frog stuck to Ryan.
This is just cute cause he is all snuggled up in grandma Shelley's blanket.
gotta love the gas bubble smiles! I don't know how I shadowed it, but it's still cute.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

So in case anybody didn't know, my sister Melissa had her baby last month and today was the first day Ryan and I got to meet our new niece. Her name is Gracin Rulene Fox, after DJ's mom. We met up with my sister and her family for a day at the park. The girls were beside themselves with excitement. They hadn't seen Rylee since we moved 3 months ago. Now of course I was a little more excited than he was, but turns out Ryan wouldn't go pick up lunch for us until he had a turn to hold Gracie. I think seeing such a tiny little munchkin gets him excited for what is on the way in his own family . I have to say I was a little worried whether or not he would even remember how to hold a baby seeing as how our girls are 6 years old now, but he handled her like a pro. Gracie curled right up on him and I had to pry her away before I starved to death! : )

After we spent the first half of the day at the Coral Canyon park, we all went to the visitor's center and picked up Granma Nancy and Papa Bill. We went and got ice cream cones and went right back to the Vernon Worthen park this time. The weather was irresistible. There was no way any of us wanted to be inside for 5 seconds. Not to mention the playground is a great distraction when I haven't spent time with my family for a couple of months. No complaining about a little grown up time. : )
Now for all of you who are wondering whether or not I am really pregnant, here is an up close and personal view. Of course, I just love it because Gracie makes all those curves look so much cuter. I don't think I put her down the whole day. It was such a gorgeous day. What a wonderful weekend it turned out to be.

Well if this doesn't end the weekend just right I don't know what would. The girls look so happy and they really missed Rylee. I love when they get together. Sometimes I really wonder if Rylee isn't a triplet that is being raised at a different house. The three of them are so connected. I LOVE IT!!!!
We started off our weekend in St George with the Matthews family halloween party. Which this year included Papa Steve's and Madi and Kenna's birthday party. Since we moved we gotta work with what we got. Angie and Chris got the girls some Hannah Montana pajamas that were an instant hit! The girls LOVED the gift and the second they are clean, that is the first pair to get dirty again. Grandma and Tara spoiled them as well. They are some very lucky girls. I just liked this picture with Papa and the grandkids. Just a couple more months and there will be one more!

Here is some of the family hard at work. Party over, time to get creative with pumpkins. Tara and Chris had us laughing when they say they saw "hangover" pumpkins somewhere on the internet and the pumpkins were carvings of faces and they were throwing up. The throw up being the pumpkins insides. Kinda gross, but really kinda funny.

This is the final show for the evening. The littlest one in the middle was actually pretty cool, it was a tiny pumpkin that Angie carved and it's a spider. Kind of hard to tell. But the winning prize goes to Angie with the bat to the far left. She carved that on a white pumpkin and although the picture doesn't show it very well, with the candle inside the whole pumpking glows.

Snow days are here!!!!! The first morning after it snowed we took the girls up Millcreek Canyon to let them play in the snow. They had a blast. This is the mini-snowman they made and you can see that dad has his hands in his pockets because he did not have any gloves on. What a good daddy! Anyway, if I can catch just one ounce of the excitement the girls have for snow, I will be able to survive the winter just fine.
This photo was taken at about 1:30 am the first time it snowed in Salt Lake. We were just getting home from an obviously late night and the girls saw the snow and freaked out! There was no way I could tell them no to playing and go to bed; seriously, that would be like a meanest mom moment ever. : ) Anyways, this is Madi's sheer joy after she just hit daddy with a snowball.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

If you look to Madi and Kenna's left, that is Emily and Olivia the other set of twins that are in the class. This is the group pic before we went out to do the pinata. Of course being an all girl party, we had to recruit Ben from across the street to even break the pinata. Kinda funny.
Thanks to all our family and friends who sent up birthday cards. The girls were so excited to receive mail. As you can see below, that is the winter wonderland landscape that Ryan and I created last night. No easy task seeing as how Ryan and I never quite see eye to eye on projects like this. I was so proud of us that we went to bed without having gotten mad. Maybe after 9 years you get a little more patient with each other. I have to say that even though it was a GREAT day, it wasn't the same. We love and miss all of you in St George so much! Days like this make it harder to be here, but I know we are where we need to be. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you all!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!!!!!!!!! Madi and Kenna turned six today. HOORAY! Their wish was to have a christmas party, but because that made my life a little difficult with it being Halloween and all we all decided on a winter party. As you can see they are holding their projects. All of the kids who came got to make a snow man to take home. So fun! I couldn't have done it without all my grown-up friends who came and helped with the hot glue guns. : )

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

First Day of School

Madison and McKenna finally got to start kindergarten. They have been waiting since last February, not to mention really starting to drive me crazy this summer. I think they asked me at least once every single day when school was going to start. It was a gorgeous day so Aunt Lyndee and her dog and I all walked the girls to school. That alone was an adventure. It was just like watching a mini version of Ryan and I walking somewhere. Madison was focused on her destination and once she hit the sidewalk she was on her way; Mckenna however, dilly-dallied all the way there. Madi would turn around and so politely (ya right) and encourage McKenna to get her butt in gear. It was very fun. As soon as I walked them into class Mrs. Benware told the girls to find the desk with their name sheet and to start tracing their names. Of course both of them got immediately to work, completely forgetting that I was even there. So much for a teary-eyed first day of school. The girls were so excited I couldn't help but be excited with them. Poor Mrs. Benware, Madi and Kenna are the second set of girl twins in that class. I hope she can keep up!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Jaxson Ryan Matthews

So here is a little photo of baby Jaxson on the way. This was taken just before we moved. I was almost 17 weeks at the time. It was kinda funny actually when we went. The technician couldn't get him to turn so we could tell if he was a girl or boy and so she gently pushed the wand thingy on my tummy and no joke he punched back. It made the whole screen on the monitor shake. Uh this a sign of a temper on the way? If you can't interrupt him while he is sleeping then he is definitely a Matthew's baby. : ) We are still a little undecided on how to spell his name. Ryan likes it with the "x" and I kind of like the traditional with the "ck". So the spelling may still change. We'll see. I am now 24 weeks as of today. HOORAY!!! That also means that only 14 weeks until Christmas. Better get my shopping done before my ankles are so big I can't walk anymore. : ) Speaking of which, all you naughty friends who just can't wait to see me fat! I will post a picture of me in a little while when I am closer to my due date, but be careful what you wish on me...karma really bites!