Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Best big sisters ever!

Madi got Jax to try and give her kisses through the glass on the door. As you can see, he thought that was SO fun! Kenna couldn't resist the fun either. I never have to worry about Jax with the girls around. They are AMAZING big sisters!

Cute pics of "rugga boos"

Cutest smile ever. And of course Granpa is the one getting it out of him. I don't know what we'd do without all of our family, but especially those who assist us daily. Not to mention that at this time Jax was a big grumpy pants because finally, at 11 months, he got his first two teeth in!
Watch out ladies, Jax is all ready getting his kisser goin! Poor Aiden, Jax has to kiss him like five times every time he comes over. Jax is dying for Aiden to get big so they can play.
And of course he is trying to grab the camera from me. Little stinker : )
And here is Mr. Sensitive skin. This is what warm water does... now just imagine the color of his face when I make him mad. Hello Ryan Jr!
I love that it looks like he is wearing red pants! He likes to wear them low : ) No matter where he puts them he's showin' crack!

Halloween 2009

Here is the gang for Halloween. The kids scored big time, which is good seeing as how they have to split their profits with their parents!
Here come the girls. Madi was a snow princess, and believe you me, she took that roll very seriously. If only you could see the way she was walking and the expression on her face. ROFL!
Kenna was a candy corn witch. Her only fear was that Grandpa Greg might try and eat her : )
Here is Jax just waiting for his sisters to come through in the parade. What a cute little monkey!