Wednesday, April 15, 2009


The girls got their faces painted the day before. McKenna has a cute butterfly, and Madi is supposed to look like a bunny, but more like a freaky clown to me. Oh well, she loved it and that is all that matters. : )
You are probably wondering what my girls are sitting under. That would be the shade umbrella they have been begging me to buy from Costco for the last month and a half. Believe it or not, this was their most favorite thing they got for easter. Clothes were a close second, but the candy didn't stand a chance. We loved the picture Grandma Shelley and Papa Steve sent us so they could "be" with us on Easter. Oh how we miss them!
Easter just isn't easter without an easter egg hunt.
What better way to enjoy easter brunch on a blistery warm 65 degree day than in the shade of our most fabulous polka dot umbrella. 
Thank you Grandma Shelley and Papa Steve for our oh-so-sweet easter clothes. Everything fits perfect!

Girls Night!!! followed by performances : )

They all wore swimsuits for the dancing section of their performances. There was also a little play and some singing as well. What better entertainment could a Friday night ask for?
SCHS Eshelles, eat your hearts out! What would you give to have you pirouette pose look this amazing! ; )
Believe it or not, McKenna is the mom and the super heroes are her daughters. Don't ask me what they were thinking... I have no clue. But they sure are cute!
I think we can thank Sophie for the fine costume designs. I have to say that the scarf for a belt on McKenna was a fabulous touch.
Here is Madi at her finest! Posed, Poofy and positively Pink! 

Just Some Cute Family Pics

What little girl doesn't love to make a jungle gym out of their grandpa? Watch out Jax... if they go down they are going to land on you!
This is Grandpa Greg over one night just working on bringing out Jax's biggest smiles!
How is it possible that they are all ready so much alike and Jax is only 3 months old in this picture?!