Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's not too often you get a picture with a newborn's eyes wide open. He's playing with Aunt Lyndee.
Of course I can't have a perfectly healthy baby... that would just be too easy. This is Jax under the bili lights because he was a little jaundice. I love that he looks like spider man with the mask over his eyes.
The girls were so excited to come to the hospital and bring their baby brother home. As you can see from my pose, I am still in recovery mode. I don't know what I would have done without my mom and Bill here to help me. The C-section recovery may be longer because it's a surgery, but this recovery was way more intense even though I heal faster.
This is what Jaxon looked like when we got home. It's just funny because his face is under the hat, not the blanket. His head is so little that the hat fell down on the way home. Still a cute little outfit though!
I don't know what happened. I put an order into heaven for a nice, plump, chunky baby and instead I get another skinny runt. That outfit that is swallowing him whole is a newborn. We never stop laughing at the toothpicks that stick out of his diaper.
Aside from the tongue sticking out, it's his AWESOME hair that we love after a good nap! And check out all the blonde fuzz. He is a little blonde monkey. That fuzz is all over. I LOVE IT!
Love, Love, Love this picture. I'm not sure who looks cuter. I guess I'll keep them both!
I love how Jaxon looks like he is a little frog stuck to Ryan.
This is just cute cause he is all snuggled up in grandma Shelley's blanket.
gotta love the gas bubble smiles! I don't know how I shadowed it, but it's still cute.