Saturday, October 10, 2009

Madi and Kenna's 7th Birthday party!

So obviously the girls chose to have a halloween theme for the birthday. Thank goodness for all those creative women who love to brag about their amazing ideas cause if it weren't for them I don't know who I'd copy for cute cupcakes!
As always, dry ice is a huge hit for potion making at the party. And we all enjoy the homemade root beer too!
They are all really excited to start the first game... eat the donut off the string without using their hands.
SO DANG FUNNY! I highly recommend this game. The kids are beyond entertaining!
This is our friend London... she got a little upset when I told her that the winner was the first person to finish their donut, not just have it all in their mouth. HE HE HE
This is the side that Mandy did the "iron ons" and then the kids got to decorate the other side with puff paints. They all had cute and different designs. THANK YOU Mandy for ironing for a straight hour to get them done for me!
Here is Jaxon having his own party underneath the tables.
The kids all doing their puff paint side of the trick or treat bags.
Madi and Kenna opening up the birthday presents.

And of course finishing the party with musical chairs. My favorite birthday game ever!

Madi and Kenna's first birthday with family

They wanted pumpkin cakes for their birthday cakes so with ideas from friends I was able to come up with this. Move over Betty Crocker, you ain't seen nothin' yet!
Just another cute "mini me" pic of Ryan and Jax.
No need to rearrange your screen or put on glasses... this is really Ryan working in the kitchen. We had spider web cupcakes to go with our pumpkin cakes. It was a last minute idea so I didn't have any spiders to put on top.

Jaxon outside

Jaxon and I were just out enjoying the beautiful fall weather that we get up here. He had a blast investigating the flower beds. And for whatever reason, playing on the railing is like the funnest thing in the world. Go figure. Of course anytime he is outside he is happy.