Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Best big sisters ever!

Madi got Jax to try and give her kisses through the glass on the door. As you can see, he thought that was SO fun! Kenna couldn't resist the fun either. I never have to worry about Jax with the girls around. They are AMAZING big sisters!

Cute pics of "rugga boos"

Cutest smile ever. And of course Granpa is the one getting it out of him. I don't know what we'd do without all of our family, but especially those who assist us daily. Not to mention that at this time Jax was a big grumpy pants because finally, at 11 months, he got his first two teeth in!
Watch out ladies, Jax is all ready getting his kisser goin! Poor Aiden, Jax has to kiss him like five times every time he comes over. Jax is dying for Aiden to get big so they can play.
And of course he is trying to grab the camera from me. Little stinker : )
And here is Mr. Sensitive skin. This is what warm water does... now just imagine the color of his face when I make him mad. Hello Ryan Jr!
I love that it looks like he is wearing red pants! He likes to wear them low : ) No matter where he puts them he's showin' crack!

Halloween 2009

Here is the gang for Halloween. The kids scored big time, which is good seeing as how they have to split their profits with their parents!
Here come the girls. Madi was a snow princess, and believe you me, she took that roll very seriously. If only you could see the way she was walking and the expression on her face. ROFL!
Kenna was a candy corn witch. Her only fear was that Grandpa Greg might try and eat her : )
Here is Jax just waiting for his sisters to come through in the parade. What a cute little monkey!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Madi and Kenna's 7th Birthday party!

So obviously the girls chose to have a halloween theme for the birthday. Thank goodness for all those creative women who love to brag about their amazing ideas cause if it weren't for them I don't know who I'd copy for cute cupcakes!
As always, dry ice is a huge hit for potion making at the party. And we all enjoy the homemade root beer too!
They are all really excited to start the first game... eat the donut off the string without using their hands.
SO DANG FUNNY! I highly recommend this game. The kids are beyond entertaining!
This is our friend London... she got a little upset when I told her that the winner was the first person to finish their donut, not just have it all in their mouth. HE HE HE
This is the side that Mandy did the "iron ons" and then the kids got to decorate the other side with puff paints. They all had cute and different designs. THANK YOU Mandy for ironing for a straight hour to get them done for me!
Here is Jaxon having his own party underneath the tables.
The kids all doing their puff paint side of the trick or treat bags.
Madi and Kenna opening up the birthday presents.

And of course finishing the party with musical chairs. My favorite birthday game ever!

Madi and Kenna's first birthday with family

They wanted pumpkin cakes for their birthday cakes so with ideas from friends I was able to come up with this. Move over Betty Crocker, you ain't seen nothin' yet!
Just another cute "mini me" pic of Ryan and Jax.
No need to rearrange your screen or put on glasses... this is really Ryan working in the kitchen. We had spider web cupcakes to go with our pumpkin cakes. It was a last minute idea so I didn't have any spiders to put on top.

Jaxon outside

Jaxon and I were just out enjoying the beautiful fall weather that we get up here. He had a blast investigating the flower beds. And for whatever reason, playing on the railing is like the funnest thing in the world. Go figure. Of course anytime he is outside he is happy.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hood 2 Coast!

This is van #2. There's me, Brianna, Ryan, Andrin, Jake and Megan. I got to meet these guys for the first time that morning and they will be forever friends. Such amazing people. Thanks for the good times!
Bri and I on the beach after the race. Boy did it feel good to be done. We had way too much fun. The running training is worth it just to come up here with Brianna. I LOVE YOU GIRL!
We have actually strapped his eating chair to the piano bench. Jax thinks he is going to be the next Beethoven. He LOVES to play on the piano, especially with Uncle Jeremy!
Mandy and I playing at Lyndee's house. She is my earth angel. I don't know what I would do without her.

Madi and Kenna on first day of school

I wanted to sneak in the class and get more pics, but I was embarrassing the girls. OOPS! I have a feeling that is just one of many mommy embarrassing moments on the way! : )


Since I know he's too young for permanent dye, we went with something that would wash out. Besides, I don't know of any coloring company that has this cool shade of purple.
This is seriously worth double clicking on. Jax is an absolute mess. And the splatter all over the tray is from when he sneezed with a chewed up blueberry among other things in his mouth. What a disaster he can make in no time at all. : )
Can't wait until these two are old enough to actually play together. Right now I just have to make sure Jax doesn't maul Aiden. Don't worry Aiden, when you grow up you'll have plenty of chances to get him back!

Random fun pictures

All of us picnicking together before mom and Bill head up north.
Jaxon playing in the dirt while the girls were playing in the stream up at Pine Valley. We went up there just to cool off a little while daddy and Danny went fishing.
Christan, Maren and me after a whole year of not being together. It was so great to spend time together. But I'm really bummed because my technilogically challenged brain accidentally deleted all the ones I had of our kids. I am sick about it : (
My beautiful girls swinging together. There's another one where they were pulling in at the same time and hit heads, but it looks like they are making out. I thought I'd leave that one off the internet...but it's really funny!

Baby Aiden in and Baby Aiden out!

We raced home from Mandy's cabin and went straight to showers and then the hospital to meet the newest addition to the family. Baby Aiden. He is as much James as Jax is Ryan. Way to go daddy's!
I don't know why, but this is one of my favorite pictures ever! Aunt Lyndee and Jax just chillin' together.

Uncle Jeremy's Birthday

You know your kids are growing up if they can carry their own tube around Raging Waters all day. We had so much fun with Uncle Jeremy. I'm still trying to figure out why this is what he chose to do for his birthday, but I guess I'll just be glad cause it was great!
Uncle Jeremy and Kenna going down the side together. Madi was too cool... she wouldn't go with them.

Ry on the scooter

What dedication to the course! He was going to get those clubs to work that day no matter what. So funny!

Aunt Angie and the boys for a visit

Madi, Kenna, Carter and Sammy actually stopped just long enough for us to get a picture. And of course it includes the Zebra butt! Oh well.
When we can't go any further, we hop on the train for one last exciting thing to do before we go home. Gotta love the zoo!
After we take them and run them ragged, they tend to zone out a little at the end of the day. I don't think one of them made it past 9 o'clock the whole time Angie and the boys were here.

Grandma Shelley and the 4th of July

And of course we ended the night with sparklers!!! No we didn't have any illegal fireworks... I don't care what the neighbors say. The Matthews always stay on the right side with the law.
In case any of you were wondering... all my kids got their gorgeous eyes from their mother. HONESTLY!!! At least the girls got my frizzy brown hair so people don't think I've kidnapped them. : )

Jax and daddy cooling off in the pool. Later that night Ryan was wishing he had been wearing protective sunwear like his young, wise son did : )
Here is Josh and Chris working on the homemade slip n' slide. So dang fun!!! You are looking at 60 ft of visqueen with water noodles used for bumpers, nailed in with tent nails. You all wish you had these boys working in your backyards!
Ryan and his super slick moves comin' down the slip n' slide. Looks like he's getting ready more for take off than coming in for a landing.... but it's for sure coming. Just look at the next pic! ; )
His grand finale finish into the water bounce house. Looks fun!