Tuesday, September 9, 2008

First Day of School

Madison and McKenna finally got to start kindergarten. They have been waiting since last February, not to mention really starting to drive me crazy this summer. I think they asked me at least once every single day when school was going to start. It was a gorgeous day so Aunt Lyndee and her dog and I all walked the girls to school. That alone was an adventure. It was just like watching a mini version of Ryan and I walking somewhere. Madison was focused on her destination and once she hit the sidewalk she was on her way; Mckenna however, dilly-dallied all the way there. Madi would turn around and so politely (ya right) and encourage McKenna to get her butt in gear. It was very fun. As soon as I walked them into class Mrs. Benware told the girls to find the desk with their name sheet and to start tracing their names. Of course both of them got immediately to work, completely forgetting that I was even there. So much for a teary-eyed first day of school. The girls were so excited I couldn't help but be excited with them. Poor Mrs. Benware, Madi and Kenna are the second set of girl twins in that class. I hope she can keep up!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Jaxson Ryan Matthews

So here is a little photo of baby Jaxson on the way. This was taken just before we moved. I was almost 17 weeks at the time. It was kinda funny actually when we went. The technician couldn't get him to turn so we could tell if he was a girl or boy and so she gently pushed the wand thingy on my tummy and no joke he punched back. It made the whole screen on the monitor shake. Uh oh...is this a sign of a temper on the way? If you can't interrupt him while he is sleeping then he is definitely a Matthew's baby. : ) We are still a little undecided on how to spell his name. Ryan likes it with the "x" and I kind of like the traditional with the "ck". So the spelling may still change. We'll see. I am now 24 weeks as of today. HOORAY!!! That also means that only 14 weeks until Christmas. Better get my shopping done before my ankles are so big I can't walk anymore. : ) Speaking of which, all you naughty friends who just can't wait to see me fat! I will post a picture of me in a little while when I am closer to my due date, but be careful what you wish on me...karma really bites!