Monday, March 16, 2009

Fun Weekend Down South

After time with my fam we headed out to Ivins to hang with the Matthews. This photo was taken just after our nice walk/bike ride with the kids. What a bunch of cuties!
Jax of course did this to himself in his sleep. I feel like all he needs is a house on his head and some black boots and he could be the next witch in The Wizard of Oz. : )
Does it get any cuter?! Gracie and Jaxon playing together for the first time. Gracie is 6 months and Jax is 3.
After the race I took the kids on an "adventure" where they climbed this GIANT hill. Gotta love all those silly faces!
Of course Madi and Kenna have to see Rylee as soon as we get to St George. This is our tri in training junior style. The girls raced and Kaden was the ref ; )

Monday, March 2, 2009

Jaxon's blessing

Me and my beautiful baby boy.
Here is our little shining star for the weekend. I know he is so handsome... but don't tell Jax I had way more fun shopping for the girls' blessing dresses. ; )
Here is the fam just before we head over to the church.
We know we can count on Aunt Tara to start the weekend off with big smiles. The girls didn't let her out of sight all weekend!