Sunday, March 14, 2010

As you all know... there are only so many things that can be done when there is such a large spectrum of ages...BOWLING! Grandma Shell and Jax just chillin'
The kids only lasted about hmmmmmm... two or three throws before they were STARVING! Imagine that.
Super cute pic of Jax and Aunt Tara. Best part for me going to St George is that I obviously don't go enough because Aunt Tara, Aunt Angie and Grandma actually miss my kids enough to take them off my hands the whole time. It's fabulous!
And of course where else would Chris be but at the computer giving everybody such lovely and appropriate bowling names. LOL!


Maren & Danny... said...

gotta love bowling with the kiddos-always an adventure :0)

Michelle said...

so fun. Im glad the kids were able to spend time with grandma shell and papa steve. They looked so happy!